L.P. is the brainchild that came into existence due to arising problems faced by the citizens. Many citizens face immeasurable accusations resulting in dire consequences financially, mentally and physically. Lack of exposure in understanding their legal rights.
Our CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) program belongs to Al Askar & Al Halfi Law Firm, one of the promising names in Kuwait.
The founders of our program are few of the most renowned lawyers.

How does LP protect you?
– Legal Advice/Consultations
– Handling of cases
– Borne all expenses of attorney
– Protection of your legal rights
– 24 hours presence of a Lawyer

What does LP provide? (Services)
– Reviewing and drafting contracts of all kinds.
– Attendance of investigations on your behalf.
– Representating you in all courts in legal matters against you and defense tasks
– Providing legal advice
– Provide all the legal and administrative consultancy (Personal)
– Representing you in all ministries and government agencies and other
– Registration of trademarks and trade names
– Beneficiary of inheritance
– To claim compensation for medical errors
– Reviewing of the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor for Law Suits.
– The collection of funds on your behalf

How to protect yourself? MEMBERSHIPS
Bronze Membership
Silver Membership
Gold (Family) Membership

For further information about the packages & enrolment, Kindly contact us :