1. What is B.P? OVERVIEW

Business Protection is the brainchild that came to existence due to the arising problems faced by businesses. B.P belongs to Al-Askar & Al-Halfi Law firm, one of the promising names in Kuwait. The sole purpose of this emerging concept is to protect any upcoming & ongoing business’s on a legal & financial basis by assuring the legality of the business. B.P is applicable to any form of business whether it is a freelancing individual, a young student entrepreneur, sole-proprietors, partnerships & even larger corporations.

How does B.P manage risk for businesses? ASSURANCE

Apart from B.P representing your business in court and other government bodies (defense & offense). B.P plays a major role in subduing risks & losses that may incur during transactions by acting as a catalyst.
Any amount paid from party A to party B and vice versa goes through B.P’s reserve channel
An L.C or equivalent is released in order to secure the monetary rights of both parties
Allowing both parties to first meet the requisites of the deal prior to monetary releases
This assurance creates a scope for refund incase a deal is incomplete & allows business’s to transact in a secure & healthy environment.

2. What does B.P Provide? SERVICES


– Transactional Assurance
– Business’s risk assessment
– Attendance of lawyers at contractual meetings (to reserve legal rights)
– Contract formation (foreign languages)
– Collection of funds


– Patent, trademarking & protection of intelectual property
– Handling & representation of cases (defense & offense)
– Protection of your business’s rights
– Borne all expenses of attorney
– 24 hours presence of a Lawyer
– Free & immediate legal consultation

How to protect your Business? MEMBERSHIPS
Student Membership
Individual Membership
Business Membership
Corporate Membership

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