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Al-Askar & Al-Halfi Law Firm is dedicated to providing pioneer solutions to its clients. At AH Law firm, practice law if a profession more than it is a business.

Our attorneys at AH Law firms having a combined experience of over 30 years aim to provide seamless legal advice to clients on complex issues both individual, corporate & commercial matters.


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Family Law

The main codified law dealing with family laws is the Code of Personal Status (Law no. 51/1984).

Criminal Cases

The attorneys at Al-Askar & Al-Halfi Lawfirm with more than 20 years combined experience on criminal defense

Ciber Crimes

One of the fastest growing areas of the law involves computer crime / Internet crime also known as cyber crime.

Overseas Law

Al-Askar & Al-Halfi is also recognized as a Law firm that serves companies, individuals and financial institutions

Bank And Financial

Al-Askar & Al-Halfi Law firm specializes in Bank and Financial cases offering a straightforward approach

Corporate Law

Al-Askar & Al-Halfi Law firm specializes in corporate cases offering a straightforward & collaborative approach

Piracy and Counterfeiting

A&H Law Firm strives to protect client’s trademarks and copyrights through practical strategies.

Labour & Social Affaires

Al-Askar & Al-Halfi’s pre-dominant recognition arises from its uttermost involvement in cases regarding Labor & Social Affairs.


The Faces Behind Our Success

Lawyer Khaled Askar Al-Askar

Chairman - Head Lawyer

Lawyer Saud Ajil Falah Al-Halifi

Managing Director - Head Lawyer

Lawyer Reem Al-Waqiyaan

Lawyer & Counselor


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